Little Free Library at the Botanics

If you have been to the Garden recently you may have spotted our Little Free Library, situated between our Glasshouses and main Science buildings. The concept of a Little Free Library is quite simple: ‘ Take a Book. Leave a Book’. It is a global movement that offers an opportunity to share books that teach, intrigue, engage and inspire. And ours is the first in Scotland!LFL map

Our Little Free Library currently has a great selection of fact and fiction, including plant and garden focussed books. Pop along and have a look! If you see something you would like to read, take it. Once you’re done, return it to a Little Free Library, or pass it on to a friend. Simple.

You can donate books to our Little Free Library at either of our visitor receptions, at the East or West gates.

Our Little Free Library at the Botanics

Our Little Free Library at the Botanics

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  1. Lorraine Rose Allan

    Great idea 🙂

  2. I hadn’t realised you had one. I have some plant/garden reference books I can donate. Just one correction though, yours wasn’t the first in Scotland, there were several before it including in Edinburgh. The one in Scotland Street started in 2009 so it’s 10yrs old this year 📚🎉