Expedition to Tajikistan


Two horticultural staff from the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh, John Mitchell Alpine Supervisor and team leader with Richard Brown have been joined by a member of staff from the Royal Botanic Garden Kew Kit Strange are heading off on an expedition to Tajikistan at the end of April 2014.They have teamed up with Khorugh Biological Institute which is in south Tajikistan and plan to explore the wet and dry habitats on either side of the Pamir mountain range. This is a great opportunity to explore this part of the world as RBGE has very little material from this area. Our aim is to post a report of our travels if we can get internet access over the month’s expedition to give an insight to life in the field and sharing with you images of plants found growing in the wild.

John Mitchell

John Mitchell


Richard Brown

Richard Brown

Tajikistan on Google Maps

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    1. steve bratley

      Great work guys,. Just come back safe