A number of early flowering Rhododendrons have burst into flower over the past week in the Woodland Garden. All were collected in the early 1900’s in the Himalaya region.

Rhododendron anthosphaerum close up 19790987A compressed

Rhododendron anthosphaerum has beautiful pink tinged buds that open into attractive white flowers. This was collected by George Forrest, in Yunnan, in 1924.

Rhododendron meddianum var. atrokermesinum 19754074A compressed

These brilliant red flowers belong to Rhododendron meddianum var. atrokermesinum, collected by Francis Kingdon-Ward.

Rhododendron pudorosum 19764021A compressed

The final flower for the week is yet to unfurl fully, but still looks magnificent in bud. The spiky bracts of Rhododendron pudorosum make a¬†wonderful contrast¬†with the bright pink petals. This was a collection from Frank Ludlow and George Sherriff in the 1930’s.