A vigorous mass planting of white stemmed Rubus sp. had spread to the detriment of neighbouring, weaker growing plants. The ideal time to dig out the extensive mass of growth is during a dry spell while the leafless canes are dormant.

Rubus sp. 19913225C

Full of spines, this tangled planting requires careful handling using a thick pair of gloves.

Dig down deeply to ease out the rootstock taking care not to damage the soft young buds that will develop to form the showy stems for winter 2014/15. Work quickly and have a new planRubus sp old shoots cut outting site prepared to prevent drying out of the propagules.

The attached images show the vigour of the rootstock, cut back the straggly roots to make replanting easier. New root growth soon pushes out to anchor and feedRubus sp propagule ready to plant the growing plant.

Don’t be tempted to leave the canes full length it will result in wind rock. Cut out older brown canes and reduce back current season shoots to 300mm.

POPUP 4 Rubus sp. 19913225C CEE45 rootstock to divide POPUP 2 Rubus sp. 19913225C CEE45 Old shoot cut out POPUP 3 Rubus sp. 19913225C CEE45 Propagule ready to plant